How does your Website becomes vulnerable to SQL Injection?

Developer is the one and only reason for the SQL Injection Vulnerability. While developing the Web Application, he fails to handle some vulnerability(because he doesn’t know about it. Don’t be one of them. If you are Web Application developer, then you must read these security techniquest in order to overcome the SQL Injection Vulnerability. Reason […]

What is SQL Injection? Web Application Vulnerability

WebApplication(Website) stores the information in database such as user info, admin info, and passwords. When the developer fails to handle escape characters and type, it results in vulnerable database. Hacking or accessing the database using this vulnerability is known as SQL injection. What an attacker can do? Bypassing Logins Accessing secret data Modifying contents of […]

What is an IFrame Injection? Mass IFrame Attack Tutorial

Recently 90000 webpages infected by Iframe Injection attack.  Here i am going to explain what  IFrame Injection is. What is an IFrame Injection? Using IFrame tag, The Attackers injects the malware contain website(links) using Cross site Scripting in popular websites.  So if the usual visitors of that popular sites opens the website, it will redirect […]

What is Cross Site Scripting/XSS? Web Application Vulnerability

What is XSS? XSS is Known as Cross Site Scripting.  XSS is one of Web Application Vulnerability.  Using this vulnerability , an Attacker can inject their own Malicious Client side Codes(Javascript,…) into website. This XSS Infected web page can carry malicious codes to other users.  The innocent users will run the script(by visiting the page) […]