Hacking Autorun.inf virus attack|Is autorun.inf virus?

When i  studied second year(cse), my friends told that autorun.inf is virus.  I thought so.  Because my antivirus blocks autorun.inf files.   In third year when i search about autorun.inf file in net, i realize about the auto run file.  Today i bring some files from my college system.  When i insert the pen drive […]

Introducing a new Task Manager for analysing process

Do you know what programs are processing in your pc?  You use Default task manager for seeing the list of Process.  In Default task manage it just show only the list of process and memory usage.   You may not know which one is system process,malware program,application program.  Some advanced users can analyze himself what process […]

How to remove spyware and Trojans?

Instant Spyware remover Hi friends now i am going to introduce a new spyware and trojan detecting software.  It is best software.  I had one Trojan namely  “xkmq47.exe@ “.  When i install this sofware ,it founds this file.  But i had doubt “is this spyware software working correctly or showing important files as trojan?”.  So […]

Procedure to Fix windows xp after Virus Attack?

There are several free tool in the market that can help you to fix your windows xp after virus attacks. Let me introduce a software named as “QUICK FIX”. This will fix your windows xp after virus attack Features: 1. Enable Task Manager2. Enable Registry3. Enable Folder Options4. Restore missing run dialog5. Enable Command Prompt(cmd)6. […]

How To remove the virus/Spyware/malware?

Hi friends , today i am going to explain how to remove thevirus/spyware /malware from your system. If you suspect that your system is infected(symptoms for infected system) ,then you need take care about your system. The best Internet security tool is our Kaspersky. Download the Kaspersky Internet Security trial version from www.kaspersky.comInstall the Kaspersky […]

What should you do if you suspect your system is infected?

Stop shopping, banking, and other online activities that involve user names, passwords, or other sensitive information. Confirm that your security software is active and current. At a minimum, your computer should have anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and a firewall. Once your security software is up-to-date, run it to scan your computer for viruses and spyware, […]

What is spyware ? How it comes to your pc? Prevent it

Often you can heard a word spyware. Is it important to know about spyware ? Yes! We are in advanced technology world. Day by day the technology is developing. At the same time crime is also increasing. One of the crime is spyware method. Spyware: Spywareis software that resides on a computer and sends information […]