Why you should learn hacking?

One of The most searching words in google is “How to become a hacker?” but have you ever think “why you should learn hacking?” you may like to learn hacking because of for fun for doing crime if you learn it for fun(for hacking friends accounts), you will be surrounded by friends. If you are […]

Backtrack4 installation completed

Hi friends after lot of problems, successfully i have installed the backtrack4 in my HDD. I’ll explain clearly in my next about those problem and how to solve it. The happiest news is that i’m going to use the backtrack4 for security testing. I’ll let you know what i learnt. Get updates to your mail […]

Unknown Windows 7 trick, like ubuntu.

usually i use windows+tab or alt+tab shortcut in ubuntu for switching from one window to another. Windows+tab shortcut is advanced switching in ubuntu(look nice). today i use windows 7 in my brother system. I pressed the windows+tab in windows 7 . I saw the wonderful tab switching graphics like ubuntu. Try it and enjoy it.