How to run php files using wamp server?

Let me explain today how to use the wamp server to run the PHP files.  First of all download the Latest wamp server from here: and install the server. Step 2:Run wamp server by this selctionstart->All programs->Wamp server->Start wamp server Now you can see the w icon in system tray. Step 3: Create PHP […]

How to download songs from online streaming site? is online music streaming website. You can hear latest tamil, hindi, punjabi,urdu songs. In this post , i will explain how to download songs from these type of fm or streaming websites. How does online music streaming websites works?The music files are stored in web server of the associated website. When user click the […]

Mozilla Firefox Interesting Tricks-Just for Fun

This post is just for fun.  You can impress your friends/lover with this trick.Copy the following path into mozilla browser and hit enter. See the Magic..!! Small scrolling Mozilla chrome://global/content/alerts/alert.xul Display Preference chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul Display CookiesIf you want to delete any cookies, you can. chrome://browser/content/preferences/cookies.xul History Window chrome://browser/content/history/history-panel.xul Display Bokmark chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/bookmarksPanel.xul