Introduction to Angry Ip Scanner(Port Scanner)-Ethical Hacking Tutorials

What is Angry Ip Scanner? Angry Ip scanner is a tool that scans network for open Ip addresses. Designed for network administrator to check the newtork security. Features of Angry Ip scanner Tool: It is Open source software, means free to use.   The fastest Ip scanner. cross-platform tool (supporting Linux, Windows, Mac OS..)  Light weight […]

How to Launch the Password Cracker 1.1 Application?

Recently i have developed a simple password cracking tool and released as open source software.  Today let us see how to launch PasswordCracker 1.1(HashCodeCracker 1.1).  How to use Password Cracker?  Minimum Requirements:JRE(Java run time Environment) 1.6 should be installed . If you don’t have, get it from Windows Users: Download the PasswordCracker1.1 exe from here […]

Password Cracker Open Source Software Created by BreakTheSecurity

Hi Break The Security’s Hackers, i have created Password Cracking Tool.  I have released it as open source software in This tool uses Dictionary Attack method to crack the MD5, SHA-1,MD4,SHA-128,256,512 hash codes.  Now it is simple and basic tool.  In future it will become more efficient tool. Join As developerYou can also help […]

Introduction to Cain & Abel tool-How to use cain and abel?

Cain and abel tools is password recovery tools(let us use it as Hacking/Cracking Tools). This cracking tool allows us to crack the password using different kind of methods. Some of them are: Brute Force Attack Dictionary attack Crypt Analysis attack recording VoIP conversations sniffing the network decoding scrambled passwords recovering wireless network keys revealing password […]

Havij Tool – Automatic SQL Injection Process

Havij is an automated SQL Injection tool that helps penetration testers to find and exploit SQL Injection vulnerabilities on a web page.It can take advantage of a vulnerable web application. By using this software user can perform back-end database fingerprint, retrieve DBMS users and password hashes, dump tables and columns, fetching data from the database, […]

Introducing a new Task Manager for analysing process

Do you know what programs are processing in your pc?  You use Default task manager for seeing the list of Process.  In Default task manage it just show only the list of process and memory usage.   You may not know which one is system process,malware program,application program.  Some advanced users can analyze himself what process […]

How to use the Axcrypt for encryption?

In my last i gave you details about Axcrypt.  In this post i am going to guide you how to encrypt the file using Axcrypt software. Download the Axcrypt from here: If the above link is not working then try this: Install the Axcrypt. After Installation:Encryption:Right click on the file or folder which […]

Axcrypt Software-an encrypting software tool

Hi friends now you know about encryptions right ? if you don’t know about encryption ,please read this articleIntroduction to cryptographyNow you know the importance of encryption.  If you like to protect your documents using encryption, then here is the tool for you.  This is open source software.  So no need to worry about the […]

How to remove spyware and Trojans?

Instant Spyware remover Hi friends now i am going to introduce a new spyware and trojan detecting software.  It is best software.  I had one Trojan namely  “xkmq47.exe@ “.  When i install this sofware ,it founds this file.  But i had doubt “is this spyware software working correctly or showing important files as trojan?”.  So […]