pyDetective- An Open Source Forensics Software

pyDetective is New Open source Forensics Software tool developed by Mr. Filip Szymanski. It is  used for computer crime investigations. It consists of two tools namely del2info & carver * del2info – A tool for analyzing Windows Recycle Bin INFO2 and $I?????? files* carver – A tool for extracting Thumbnails stored in Windows Explorer thumbcache_NN.db […]

ArpON (Arp handler inspectiON) v2.7-Security Softwares

What is ArpOn? ArpON (Arp handler inspectiON) is a portable handler daemon that make ARP secure in order to avoid the Man In The Middle through ARP Spoofing/Poisoning. Detects/blocks the DNS, WEB Spoofing, Session Hijacking, SSL/TLS Hijacking & co attacks. This is possible using three kinds of anti ARP Spoofing tecniques: the first is based […]

APKinspector: Static Analyser of Android Malware

What is APKinspector? is an android Security Software. This tool is for analysing the Android malware samples manually. They use PyQT as the framework of the prototype for the APKinspector. Because PyQT provides a complete interface to QT applications and python can interact with androguard easily. Features Graph-based UI displaying control flow of the code. […]

Introducing a new Task Manager for analysing process

Do you know what programs are processing in your pc?  You use Default task manager for seeing the list of Process.  In Default task manage it just show only the list of process and memory usage.   You may not know which one is system process,malware program,application program.  Some advanced users can analyze himself what process […]

How to use the Axcrypt for encryption?

In my last i gave you details about Axcrypt.  In this post i am going to guide you how to encrypt the file using Axcrypt software. Download the Axcrypt from here: If the above link is not working then try this: Install the Axcrypt. After Installation:Encryption:Right click on the file or folder which […]

Axcrypt Software-an encrypting software tool

Hi friends now you know about encryptions right ? if you don’t know about encryption ,please read this articleIntroduction to cryptographyNow you know the importance of encryption.  If you like to protect your documents using encryption, then here is the tool for you.  This is open source software.  So no need to worry about the […]

How to remove spyware and Trojans?

Instant Spyware remover Hi friends now i am going to introduce a new spyware and trojan detecting software.  It is best software.  I had one Trojan namely  “xkmq47.exe@ “.  When i install this sofware ,it founds this file.  But i had doubt “is this spyware software working correctly or showing important files as trojan?”.  So […]