What is Virtual and Physical Ports?-Hackers tutorials

There two different ports are there. First one is Physical Ports that are used to connect two different hardwares.  It will available behind your CPU. The different types of physical ports : Ethernet ports USB ports Serial/Parallel ports Using the physical ports only, we connect the Keyboard,monitor,Mouse,Modem to your CPU. Second one is Virtual PortWe […]

Introduction to Angry Ip Scanner(Port Scanner)-Ethical Hacking Tutorials

What is Angry Ip Scanner? Angry Ip scanner is a tool that scans network for open Ip addresses. Designed for network administrator to check the newtork security. Features of Angry Ip scanner Tool: It is Open source software, means free to use.   The fastest Ip scanner. cross-platform tool (supporting Linux, Windows, Mac OS..)  Light weight […]