What is Penetration Testing and Pen Testing Distribution?

Penetration Testing(Pen Testing) is the act of evaluating the Security of system or network by exploiting vulnerabilities. This will determine whether unauthorized or malicious activity is possible in a system. Vulnerability uncovered through the Pen Testing will be presented to the system’s owner. Why Penetration Testing? Pentetration testing can identify the vulnerabilities that is not […]

How to use Joomscan to find the Joomla Vulnerability in Backtrack 5 Linux?

Joomscan is one of penetration testing tool that help to find the vulnerability in Joomla CMS.   The Updated version can detects 550 Vulnerabilities. Let me show how to use this joomscan in Backtrack5. Download the Joomscan from here:http://web-center.si/joomscan/joomscan.tar.gz Step 1: Moving to PenTest folder Copy/Move the downloaded files in directory  /pentest/web/scanners/joomscan/ Step2: Set Permission […]