Large Password List: Free Download Dictionary File for Password Cracking

For password cracking, you can choose two different methods 1. Dictionary Attack 2. Brute Force Attack. The Dictionary attack is much faster when compared to Brute force attack.(There is another method named as “Rainbow table”, it is similar to Dictionary attack). In order to achieve success in dictionary attack, we need a large size of Password list. […]

Online IMVU & DynDNS Password Decoders from Security Xploded

SecurityXploded provides online decoders for IMVU and DynDNS. IMVU: is a popular 3D based social game and entertainment site where millions of people meet, chat, play games and have fun.DynDNS: popuar Dynamic DNS management solution offering enterprise-level DNS performance and reliability. New Online IMVU password decoder to instantly recover the password stored by IMVU messenger. […]

How to Recover Windows 7 Password~Windows Password Killer Tool

I have explained how to recover the lost password using Backtrack Password Cracking. Here i am going to introduce a new tool named as Windows Password Killer. It enables you remove windows 7 password to reset the administrator, standard user and guest passwords easily without any data losing or file damage. There is 3 different […]

How to Install John The Ripper On Ubuntu Linux? -Works for All Linux

This article will guide you how to install John The Ripper Tool(Password Cracker) in your ubuntu or Any other Linux and Unix Based System. Requirements: 1. John The Ripper: Download the Latest and Free Version from here:  It will be in tar.gz format, namely john-1.7.7.tar.gz  2. GCC:  GCC should be installed in your system. […]

John The Ripper Tutorial-Password Cracking Softwares

What is John the Ripper?John the Ripper is a fastest and Best Password Cracking software. It is compatible with many flavours of Unix, Windows, DOS, BeOS, and OpenVMS. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords. Besides several crypt(3) password hash types most commonly found on various Unix systems, supported out of the box […]

How to Crack password protected RAR files like a hacker (Brute Force attack)?

Install the RAR password remover software as said in my last post. Let me show how to crack the password protected RAR files using Brute Force attack method. Step 1:Run the application start->Allprograms->RAR password Recovery->RAR password Recovery Step 2:Now the Password Recovery windows is opened. Click the open button at the top of the window. […]

Rar Password Remover Tool | Password Cracking

Sometimes if you download rar files from internet, it may be password protected. In your friends laptop they may have password protected rar files. Sometimes you may forget password for your rar files What will you do in these situation? Yes.there is solution for these situation. You can use the RAR password Cracker tool to […]

How to hack the Windows 7 or Vista passwords-Become a hacker

Hi BreakTheSecurity(BTS) hackers,“How to Hack windows admin?” This will teach you how to hack the windows password. You can use the above tutorial for hacking any type of windows Operating system. For Example: you can hack the latest Windows 7 also. There is only one change is required to do. i.e., You have to choose […]