How to Prevent SQL Injection Vulnerability? Website Security

Hi webmasters and budding Pen Testers, I hope you read my article about SQL Injection. Our Aim is to provide Security, right? So here is the prevention techniques. Use Prepared Statements: Use prepared statements, parameterized queries, or stored procedures. Don’t use Dynamic SQL. In Java you can use PreparedStatement() with bind variables  In .NET you […]

What is Virtual and Physical Ports?-Hackers tutorials

There two different ports are there. First one is Physical Ports that are used to connect two different hardwares.  It will available behind your CPU. The different types of physical ports : Ethernet ports USB ports Serial/Parallel ports Using the physical ports only, we connect the Keyboard,monitor,Mouse,Modem to your CPU. Second one is Virtual PortWe […]

Apache Log Extractor Tool for Pen Testers

We know that Apache Server is Famous Web server.  Let us see what is Apache log extractor tool . What is Apache Log Extractor Tool?Apache Log Extractor is a quick script to export URL information from Apache access logs. The thought behind this script was to provide a list of known URL’s on a remote […]

Google Search Detects malware

Some particular malwares infect the user computer and try to send traffic to  Google through a small number of intermediary servers called “proxies.”  Google found some unusual traffic while performing routine maintenance on one of their data centers. After Google is collaborating with security engineers at several companies that were sending this modified traffic,  they […]

“Hide The IP” best IP hiding software tool

As i said Internet is less secure medium, you have to hide your identity from intruders/attackers.( Using Internet, hackers can steal your confidential data like credit card number, bank account, facebook accounts.) One of the identity is IP address. When you visit website, it may store your IP Address . Using your IP address anyone […]

Google Street camera banned in bangalore for security

Google launched its project to gather street view images of bangalore only last month. Google data collection has caused concern in numerous countries. Cameras mounted on cars and tricycles had been taking pictures in streets across Bangalore. The Bangalore city commissioner ordered Google to stop its Street View image capturing in Bangalore over security concerns. […]