How to see the remembered passwords | passwords autofill Cracked

I am going to teach you how to see the passwords which are shown as astersik characters(*). What is the use? if your friend/lover select the remember passwords option when login,then you got the chance to hack their password without much effort(no need of phishing ). Two cases: Case I: if they select remember password in […]

Are you selecting “Remember My Password”? Please read this

  want to secure your account? then you should read this article. Remember Password I:While login to your account in Mozilla,there will be option named as “remember password ” .  If you selecting that option, soon you may loose your account. (if you are using in internet cafe,certainly you will loose).  Those password can be […]

Cookies Editing – Web Developer Mozilla Addon

Today i am going to introduce a mozilla add on which will very helpful for web developers (for hackers also). Features:View/Add/Edit CookiesClear cookiesDisable image in websiteDisable java script in websiteDisable css in websitemore… Download and install the add on from here: or try this

iWebTool for Web Masters Mozilla add on

Are you Webmaster then you really need this mozilla add on.   When i search for web master add on  in google ,i found this mozill add on.  I really impressed by this add on. Features:Easy to use BackLink checkerKeyword SuggestionPage Rank checkerSearch Engine Positionspider viewDomain Check upmore…

Just For Fun Javascripts in Mozilla Firefox-Edit any websites

In my last post , i gave you three javascript for mozilla. You can edit any websites by this javascript(don’t think you are editing in server, you are just editing in mozilla only). You can change the homepage name to your name. whatever you like to do. javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’;document.designMode=’on’;void 0 Visit any websitePaste the above code […]

Funny Javascripts in Mozilla Firefox-Interesting Post

Hi Friends, So far i explain hacking tactics and how to prevent from hacking and more internet tricks and tips.  This post is for entertainment.  Enjoy the post and reply your comments about this funny post. Open your Mozilla Firefox.Open New tab.Trick1-I really enjoyed this trick when i come to know: Copy the following code and […]