Microsoft offering $250,000 reward for Rustock Botnet’s info

Microsoft is offering reward of $250,000 for providing identification, arrest and criminal conviction of the individual(s) responsible for controlling the Rustock bot net This Rustock bot net  enslaves around 1 million computers and force them to generate billion of spam mails. It is able to send 30 billion spam mails every day. This bot net […]

How to Create Business Cards in Microsoft Word 2007 ?|Computer Tips

Today small computer tips for you. Create your own business card using Microsoft word 2007.  Step1: Templates Available.Visit this site: you can find two business card templates. Step 2:Download the Templates. Step 3:Open the document and start to edit the document.  Step 4:Press Ctrl+P to print the document or just bring the document toany printing […]

Open Microsoft 2007 file in Microsoft 2003 -Computer Tricks

It may big issue to open the Microsoft 2007 files in microsoft 2003. But it is easy to open the file in Ms 2003. You have to download the MS2007 compatibility pack for Ms2003. Download it from here: Enjoy…!!! Suggestion:Better start to use Ms 2007. Old is gold but New is Diamond..!!!

How to Protect Microsoft 2003 documents using password?

Sometime we need to protect our Microsoft document like word,powerpoint.  It may have  confidential data.  ,so we have to protect using password.  In this article will guide you to create the password protected document. Open the Microsoft document or create New Microsoft document(whatever word,powerpoint…)Select  the save or save as from File Menu Now small window […]