Automatic Malware Detection Tool NSDECODER

NSDECODER is a automated website malware detection tools. It can be used to decode and analyze weather the URL exist malware. Also, NSDECODER will analyze which vulnerability been exploit and the original source address of malware. Functionality:l Automated analyze and detect website malware.l Plenty of vulnerabilities. l Plenty of vulnerabilities.l Log export support HTML and […]

What is Malicious Softwares? What are the type of Malicious Softwares.

What is Malware?:     Malware is a malicious software.  This software include the program that exploit the vulnerabilities in computing system.  The purpose of malicious software is harm you or steal the information from you.Types of  Malicious Softwares:There are three characteristics of malwares: 1 Self-replicating malware actively attempts to propagate by creating newcopies, or instances, of […]