ProRat ~Best and Free Remote Administration Tools~Backdoor Trojan Horse

Prorat is one of the Remote Administration Tool[RAT].  If you don’t know what is Remote Administration Tool, please read this article: What is RAT? ProRat is maded by PRO Group and free to use for everyone.  The Latest version is  ProRat_v1.9_Fix2. Features: Full control over files  Drive formatting Key Logging and Screenshots Stealing passwords Open/close […]

Sniperspy-Best and Advanced Remote Keylogger Download

Sniperspy is best and Advanced Keylogger.   It allows you to monitor your victim remotely like a television.  No physical installation contact is needed. No physical access to your remote PC is needed to install the monitoring software. Once installed you can view the screen LIVE and browse the file system from anywhere anytime. You can […]

How to hack a remote computer using Real time spy software

Realtime-spy Now monitor any system remotely using the real time spy tool. This real-time spy provides webspace to store the log details. It can log whatever the target is doing or viewing. Miscellaneous:No need of Physical Installation This can record the following All Keystrokes Typed All Websites Visited ,How Long Websites are Visited Screenshots of […]

What is spyware ? How it comes to your pc? Prevent it

Often you can heard a word spyware. Is it important to know about spyware ? Yes! We are in advanced technology world. Day by day the technology is developing. At the same time crime is also increasing. One of the crime is spyware method. Spyware: Spywareis software that resides on a computer and sends information […]

What are the symptomps to find whether your system is infected or not?

pc runs slower than usual. Stops responding computer crashes, and restarts every few minutes. Applications on the computer do not work correctly. Disks or disk drives are inaccessible. Can’t print items correctly. Unusual error messages Distorted menus and dialog boxes. There is a double extension on an attachment that you recently opened, such as a […]