Facebook Status Update With XFBML Injection-Facebook Hacking Tweaks

In my last post, i explained how to insert HTML button in faecbook status. Now we are going to see some other Facebook Tricks using XFBML Injection.Login to your FacebookPaste the one of following code in address bar and hit enter.Press the Share button.  Now go to your profile. Codes: CAPTCHA : http://m.facebook.com/cyber4rt/posts/226958147350609Code: http://www.facebook.com/connect/prompt_feed.php?&attachment={%27href%27:%27http://t.co/q3EzkPR%27,%27name%27:%27%20%3Ccenter%3E%3Cbutton+type%3D%22button%22%3EMengamankan%20Facebook%20Terbaru%3C/button%3E%3C/center%3E%3Cfb:captcha%20showalways=%22true%22%20/%3E%3Cinput%20type=%22submit%22%20/%3E%3C/form%3E%3Cbutton+type%3D%22button%22%3Ekirim%20%3C/button%3E%27} TEXT […]

What is Session Hijacking?Bypassing Login using Session Stealing?

Know what is Session? What is Session Hijacking? Session Hijacking is Stealing the existing active Session. The main purpose of Session Hijacking is to bypass authentication process and gain unauthorized access to the computer or Website. In simple words , hackers will login as some other client using their Sessions. TCP session hijacking is when […]

Hacking Using Doxing -Doxing Complete Hacking Tutorial

I hope you read my last article about What is Doxing?.  Let me explain more about Doxing in this article. Use of Doxing: Hackers can track Innocent peoples data and hack their accounts. Security Experts can trace the Hackers(can trace some innocent hackers only,N00bs). This will be helpful for solving Cyber Crime cases. Definiton of […]

How to Hack the remote system using Remote Administration Tools?

Today let us start our article with conversation. What is RATs (Remote Administration Tools)? N00b: Hello BreakTheSec, i heard a new Keyword RATs in hacking world? what is it? I know only about this rats. BreakTheSec:  RATs are known as Remote Administration Tools. I hope you understand what it does from the name itself. N00b: […]

What is Cross Site Scripting/XSS? Web Application Vulnerability

What is XSS? XSS is Known as Cross Site Scripting.  XSS is one of Web Application Vulnerability.  Using this vulnerability , an Attacker can inject their own Malicious Client side Codes(Javascript,…) into website. This XSS Infected web page can carry malicious codes to other users.  The innocent users will run the script(by visiting the page) […]