Hash Code Cracker v1.2 Video Tutorials

Running Application: How to start Hash Code Cracker Jar with double Click? How to Run Hash Code Cracker Jar using Command Prompt? In Linux:Terminal: The same procedure is followed for Linux version.  Just open the Terminal instead command Prompt. Using Application for Cracking password:How to Crack the Password using Online Cracker Hash Code Cracker v1.2?

Different Types of Hash Codes-How to Find Which Hash types?

You have hashes but don’t know which type it is.  Don’t worry, here i listed different types of Hash codes. DES(Unix)Example: IvS7aeT4NzQPMUsed in Linux and other similar OS.Length: 13 characters.Description: The first two characters are the salt (random characters; in our example the salt is the string “Iv”), then there follows the actual hash.Notes: [1] […]

How to hack the Windows 7 or Vista passwords-Become a hacker

Hi BreakTheSecurity(BTS) hackers,“How to Hack windows admin?” This will teach you how to hack the windows password. You can use the above tutorial for hacking any type of windows Operating system. For Example: you can hack the latest Windows 7 also. There is only one change is required to do. i.e., You have to choose […]

How to Hack the Windows Admin Password Using OphCrack in Backtrack tutorial

if you are college/school students, you may curious to hack the admin password in your college or school system. This post is going to help you to crack the any type of windows accounts passwords. Learn how to hack the windows admin password like a geek. This is My Second Backtrack Linux Tutorial.[see the screen […]

How to Crack Windows Accounts Example Screenshots Tutorial

Hi Break The Security hackers, this is just screen shot.  The Detailed Text version tutorial can be found in this link:How to hack Windows accounts Password with Ophcrack? I have separated it into two parts because of too large number of Screen shots. 

How to Launch the Password Cracker 1.1 Application?

Recently i have developed a simple password cracking tool and released as open source software.  Today let us see how to launch PasswordCracker 1.1(HashCodeCracker 1.1).  How to use Password Cracker?  Minimum Requirements:JRE(Java run time Environment) 1.6 should be installed . If you don’t have, get it from oracle.com Windows Users: Download the PasswordCracker1.1 exe from here […]