The 3 Most Vulnerable Technologies of 2012

Technology races forward faster and faster, becoming more sophisticated and better serving the world every second.  Unfortunately, as technology improves and makes life easier, hackers and other cyber-criminals who attack against security also grow more sophisticated, devising new and more sinister ways to break into our systems and wreak havoc from afar. No matter how […]

7 Things You Should Know About Online Passwords

As online technology has advanced, so have hackers techniques for getting into your accounts and stealing personal information. Hackers break into computers 2,244 times each day by figuring out weak usernames or passwords, according to University of Maryland data. If you’re still using the same password you made up when you opened your first email […]

Could Your Bad Password Habits Come Back To Haunt You?

According to Business Insider, the CEO of a major social network used its trusted database of user passwords in order to hack into one of its user’s email accounts. The hack was based on the guess that this user probably accessed all of their accounts using the same password. Although the cloud has provided us […]