Google Search Detects malware

Some particular malwares infect the user computer and try to send traffic to  Google through a small number of intermediary servers called “proxies.”  Google found some unusual traffic while performing routine maintenance on one of their data centers. After Google is collaborating with security engineers at several companies that were sending this modified traffic,  they […]

Google Brings 2 Step Authentication for its product ,gmail

Google Just launched the two-factor authentication. Are you hacker? Even though you know the user name and password of victims, you can not log in to their account. Yes..!!! google provides two step security for google products. Most of users use only normal and week passwords for gmail.  It is easy to hack the accounts […]

How to create Robots.txt file ?

A robots.txt file will help search engines properly index your page. It tells the search engine where not to go – the opposite of a sitemap. This is the first thing search engines look for when they index your site and is an essential component o f a well-organized and professionally created website Steps To […]

How to use Index of google search for finding ftp

For finding ftp sites you can use this trick. This is simple trick using google search engine. If you know google searching tactics,then you can whatever faster. How to Use index of for ftp?Search in google as index of ftp/ +file_extension replace the file_extension with file extension which you want to search. (avi,mp3,aac,pdf…etc) For Eg: […]