Hacking Facebook passwords-Facebook Bruteforcer softwares[for n00b]

Are you searching for Facebook or gmail Hacking Software?  if your answer is yes,  you come to the right place. You may read  somewhere else as “use this hacking software to hack facebook accounts”. And some hacking blogs has some post like this with procedure: Download this softwareRun the application.Enter your email id and passwordEnter […]

How to change the localhost name in ubuntu Linux?

In my previous post, i have explain how to change the localhost in windows operating systems.  This post is especially for ubuntu users. Requirements:apache server should be installed. Open the Terminal type this command and press enter sudo gedit /etc/hosts hosts will be opened in notepad.you can find this line :    localhost.localdomain    localhost Just […]

Local Facebook Phishing WebPage-change the name of your localhost

This post is not about hacking. It just windows tweak or trick. Just change your localhost name and enjoy it. You have to well know about this:How to use wamp/xamp server.What is localhost. It is very simple to follow. This is for windows users only. Steps to follow:1.Go to C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetc2. Find the file named HOSTS […]

Are you selecting “Remember My Password”? Please read this

  want to secure your account? then you should read this article. Remember Password I:While login to your account in Mozilla,there will be option named as “remember password ” .  If you selecting that option, soon you may loose your account. (if you are using in internet cafe,certainly you will loose).  Those password can be […]

How to Access Multiple Gmail accounts in Firefox without logout?

are you having multiple gmail accounts? As far as browsers concerned , we can login with only one gmail account. Here i am going to introduce a new Mozilla add on. This add on will allow you to login in multiple account without logout the accounts. How to do? visit: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/748 and Install the Add […]