Hashcode Cracking using Hashcat| Backtrack 4 Tutorials Part 1

I have Break The security(BTS) readers, this is first Backtrack 4 hacking tutorial.  Today let us see about the HashCat cracking tool(Dictionary attack).  if you don’t know what is Dictionary attack,then please read this Dictionary Attack Practical Example Backtrack 4 Tutorials Step 1:Boot into the Backtrack 4 Linux.  Now Navigate to this Path:Backtrack->privilege Escalation->Password attack->Offline […]

What is the Difference between Brute Force vs Dictionary Attack

In my previous posts i have explained what is brute force and dictionary attack.  Please before reading this article, read the following article:Dictionary Attack cracking Hash codeWhat is Brute Force Cracking Attack?  if you understand the clearly what is brute force and dictionary attack,actually no need to read this article.  but listing difference between them […]

How to Crack the Hash Code using Dictionary Attack ?|Cracking Tutorials

In my previous posts, i have explained what  brute force attack is and how to implement using cain  tools.  Today i am going to explain what dictionary attack is. Dictionary Cracking Method:  This is second type of Cracking the cipher text.  Trying all known passwords is known as Dictionary attack.  Usually users will set simple […]