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Using this software you can lot of free movies,videos,tv shows for free Download the Software from here: After installing the software ,open the application.  You can view the create account and login button.(will look like messenger softwares).  Create account .  You will notice your bandwidth restriction, and your account will expire in a month, […]

How to fix the product expired problem in Adobe Photoshop?

Are you getting this error while opening Photoshop CS3 or Illustrator CS3“Product License Has Expired” 1. delete cache.db in “c:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobeAdobe PCDcache” 2. Run the adobe cs3 product 3. enter the products key for adobe cs3 product 4. set read-only attribute for “c:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobeAdobe PCDcachecache.db” 5. Click “Next” 6. remove read-only attribute for […]

A small Collection of Password Cracking Tools 2010

Using these tools you can hack like Windows Admin password, pdf passwords, zip files passwords, document passwords, rar passwords,etc..  This Password Hacking Kit Consists of following Password Hacking Breaking Tools: PDF Password Remover Windows XP Admin Password Remover Zip File Password Cracker. SQL Password Remover Microsoft Office Password Remover. Microsoft Windows Vista Password Remover. Rar […]

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Crack the RAR password with “RAR password cracker”

  This program is intended to recover lost passwords for RAR/WinRAR archives of versions 2.xx and 3.xx. The program finds by the method of exhaustive search all possible combinations of characters (“bruteforce” method), or using passwords from lists (“wordlist” or “dictionary” method). Self-extracting archives and multivolume archives are supported. The program is able to save […]