How to Create Business Cards in Microsoft Word 2007 ?|Computer Tips

Today small computer tips for you. Create your own business card using Microsoft word 2007.  Step1: Templates Available.Visit this site: you can find two business card templates. Step 2:Download the Templates. Step 3:Open the document and start to edit the document.  Step 4:Press Ctrl+P to print the document or just bring the document toany printing […]

Mozilla Firefox Interesting Tricks-Just for Fun

This post is just for fun.  You can impress your friends/lover with this trick.Copy the following path into mozilla browser and hit enter. See the Magic..!! Small scrolling Mozilla chrome://global/content/alerts/alert.xul Display Preference chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul Display CookiesIf you want to delete any cookies, you can. chrome://browser/content/preferences/cookies.xul History Window chrome://browser/content/history/history-panel.xul Display Bokmark chrome://browser/content/bookmarks/bookmarksPanel.xul

Browse Facebook on mobile witthout Internet Connection

Singapore—based software applications developer U2opia Mobile has developed a new application for mobile phones that will allow users to access Facebook on all types of handsets without paying for a data connection. “We are using USSD technology, which will enable users to access Facebook without having a GPRS connection on their phones,” said Sumesh Menon, […]