Facebook Status Update With XFBML Injection-Facebook Hacking Tweaks

In my last post, i explained how to insert HTML button in faecbook status. Now we are going to see some other Facebook Tricks using XFBML Injection.Login to your FacebookPaste the one of following code in address bar and hit enter.Press the Share button.  Now go to your profile. Codes: CAPTCHA : http://m.facebook.com/cyber4rt/posts/226958147350609Code: http://www.facebook.com/connect/prompt_feed.php?&attachment={%27href%27:%27http://t.co/q3EzkPR%27,%27name%27:%27%20%3Ccenter%3E%3Cbutton+type%3D%22button%22%3EMengamankan%20Facebook%20Terbaru%3C/button%3E%3C/center%3E%3Cfb:captcha%20showalways=%22true%22%20/%3E%3Cinput%20type=%22submit%22%20/%3E%3C/form%3E%3Cbutton+type%3D%22button%22%3Ekirim%20%3C/button%3E%27} TEXT […]

How to Setup your own Proxy Server For Free using Hamachi and Privoxy?

Read this post to know  What is proxy server? Why should i use Proxy server? Open Wi-Fi Connections:It is possible for anyone to monitor everything you do on an Open Wi-Fi Network. Not all sites that you visit may use HTTPS Encryption. Sometimes even sites that do use HTTPS only do so for certain actions […]

Hacking Facebook passwords-Facebook Bruteforcer softwares[for n00b]

Are you searching for Facebook or gmail Hacking Software?  if your answer is yes,  you come to the right place. You may read  somewhere else as “use this hacking software to hack facebook accounts”. And some hacking blogs has some post like this with procedure: Download this softwareRun the application.Enter your email id and passwordEnter […]

Introduction to Telnet Hacking tutorials

 What is Telnet? Telnet is a network protocol used on the Internet or local area networks to provide a bidirectional interactive text-oriented communications facility using a virtual terminal connection. Using telnet , we can connect to remote System(to test the host). It can be used for Hacking, telnet is the first choice of Hackers.  You […]

What is Virtual and Physical Ports?-Hackers tutorials

There two different ports are there. First one is Physical Ports that are used to connect two different hardwares.  It will available behind your CPU. The different types of physical ports : Ethernet ports USB ports Serial/Parallel ports Using the physical ports only, we connect the Keyboard,monitor,Mouse,Modem to your CPU. Second one is Virtual PortWe […]