10 ways to Handle problems yourself instead of System Administrator-Organization Tips

When you are working in organisation , you may need system administrator to solve the some of your problems.  Don’t call System Administrator for your simple silly mistakes.  Try to solve yourself and reduce the work load of System Administrator.  Here is the list of top 10  tips to solve the problems yourself. Organisation Tips […]

What is an IFrame Injection? Mass IFrame Attack Tutorial

Recently 90000 webpages infected by Iframe Injection attack.  Here i am going to explain what  IFrame Injection is. What is an IFrame Injection? Using IFrame tag, The Attackers injects the malware contain website(links) using Cross site Scripting in popular websites.  So if the usual visitors of that popular sites opens the website, it will redirect […]

How to run php files using wamp server?

Let me explain today how to use the wamp server to run the PHP files.  First of all download the Latest wamp server from here: http://www.wampserver.com/ and install the server. Step 2:Run wamp server by this selctionstart->All programs->Wamp server->Start wamp server Now you can see the w icon in system tray. Step 3: Create PHP […]

How to disable writing to USB?

If you are the administrator of public cafe or school,this trick will be helpful for giving protection to your system.  You can disable writing to USB.  This will prevent from file stealing.  You have to login to administrator so that you can access regedit. Go to start .  Select run.Type as regedit and hit enterNow […]