See What People Are Really Saying With Yahoo Spy

Yahoo Spy (also known as Yahoo Messenger Spy Software) is an essential tool for anyone wanting to secretly monitor the online activities of a child or significant other.  This is because Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular platforms for “chatting” or sending and receiving IM’s (Instant Messages).

So to effectively monitor online communications, you need Yahoo Spy to perform the following functions:

  1.  View All Incoming and Outgoing IM’s
  2.  Monitor Social Network of “Friends”

View Incoming/Outgoing IM’s

If you want to know what someone is really saying when online, you need to be able to discreetly record their complete IM History for later viewing using Yahoo Spy or a similar monitoring platform.  Yahoo Messenger Spy Software allows you discreetly review all incoming and outgoing IM’s recorded during a given time period.

View Social Network

A person’s online social network can significantly affect their thoughts and actions in the offline world.  To secretly view who someone is talking to in Yahoo Messenger, you need computer monitoring applications like Yahoo Spy.

Viewing someone’s incoming/outgoing IM’s and seeing their social network will help you see what people are really saying when online and to whom—but Yahoo Spy alone will not provide a complete picture of online activities.  To fully monitor someone’s online activities, you need comprehensive computer monitoring software that includes all of the following features:

  • Keystroke Logging:  Records all keystrokes so you can fully monitor all written communications and online interaction.
  • Screen Shots:  Whenever someone opens a new window in their browser or uses a new application, a screen shot is automatically generated.
  • MSN and Yahoo Chat Log:  MSN and Yahoo are both popular IM platforms so be sure to get computer monitoring applications like that include an IM log for both.
  • Yahoo, MSN, and Skype Voice Call Recording:  In addition to sending IM’s, people are increasingly making phone calls online with the help of VOIP providers like Yahoo, MSN, and Skype.  This feature will record all VOIP’s for later analysis.
  • Facebook Spy Software:  Secretly view someone’s social network and all of their incoming/outgoing IM’s with Facebook Spy Software.
  • Surround Recording:  This feature allows you to remotely activate the microphone and make a recording of the computer’s surroundings for later analysis.

Yahoo Spy is a great monitoring tool for learning exactly who your loved ones are talking to and what they are saying to them.  But for a complete and full picture of what someone truly does and says on the computer, you need something beyond Yahoo Spy.  In fact, you really need comprehensive desktop monitoring software that includes advanced surveillance features like those listed above.

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