How to run the NTO SQL Invader in Ubuntu/Backtrack or any other Linux?

We recently published a news about NTO SQL Invader tool in our Hacking News network ,a new SQL Injection vulnerability scanner and exploiting tool. 

You can download the tool from here:

In order to get the application , you have to enter your email address. They will send the link to the application.

I got only NTOSQLInvader_Setup.exe file. I think you know that “.exe” files works only in Windows.(You can also run the .exe files in Linux using Wine Application).

So i installed the application the in Windows xp. When i launched the application , GUI is familiar one for me. Yes, it is written in Java. If it is written in java, then there will be .jar file inside the .exe file. So i extract it and get the jar file (jar files can be run in any OS , if you installed JRE ).

How to run the SQL Invader in Linux?
JRE 1.4 or 1.5 or 1.6 version

Step 1:
Download the .exe file from the given link.
Place it in desktop.

Step 2:
Right click on the NTOSQLInvader_Setup.exe file and click the extract here .

Now you can find a NTOSQLInvader_Setup folder in your desktop.

Step 3:
Open the folder ,there you can see three files . We are going to need “NTOSQLInvader.jar ” file only. So delete other two files.

Step 4:
That’s all , copy the .jar file anywhere else or leave it in Dekstop itself.
Double click the file it will start to run.
Enjoy the application in Linux also…!!

You can run the NTOSQLInvader.jar file alone in any operating system(windows,mac,…), if you installed JRE.