Shield Against Hacking With a Daily Anti-Malware Scan

Hacking; it’s the fear of every website owner and it keeps many online business owners up at night, checking their website and servers, making sure they are still in control. It’s scary, one day you are doing well and selling products, the next, you can’t log into your website, you have profane images instead of product images, and you are being a virus spreader that most search engines block and that most browsers will keep visitors from getting to. This can take years to recover from, even after the virus is gone, but there is hope. Malware often take a while to really get into the system and cause damage, and like with a human virus, if it is stopped early you will not encounter these terrible effects.

What is hacking?
Hacking is a large culture that has a large number of methods and attacks to get around your security, sneak into your website and server, and change everything around. There are many ways of doing this, but it is commonly done through malware that is designated to consume files and strike at an inopportune moment.

The problem about this is that, until the virus strikes, you may not know anything is happening. Just like a human virus, it is consuming files (like cells) and will manifest effects when it is already too late. By the time you notice that you cannot login, or that weird things are happening on your website, it’s already too late. You have been taken over, and there are many disastrous effects to this.

The most direct effect is that your website is ruined. Well, that can be fixed easily enough. The real trouble is your private information. Do you have any credit cards, passwords, private business files and other classified information that only your or other associates should see? Hacking is a common form of corporate espionage, which is why you may be targeted.

If you have 10+ years in Internet security, maybe you can handle this by yourself; however, most website owners do not have this experience. Instead, you can use computer support Sydney daily malware scans. What does this do for you? Everyday, the computer support Sydney company will scan all your website files for malware. Since the malware typically needs several days or longer to really affect the website, this allows you to get rid of the malware before you see anything happen.

Another benefit to a daily malware scan is that most of the infected code or file can be metaphorically sanitized, leaving you with a clean website free of digital germs. Not only that, but this malware scanner is updated daily with new malware formats, methods and strategies that hackers think up. Think of this as a doctor who learns more and more about his field, just this works much faster.

This can also easily scale up from beginning websites to enterprise sized monoliths. So if you are worried about size, either because you have a small or large website, don’t even let that be a concern. Your entire website can be easily scanned and searched for malware, which will then be prompted removed so you can enjoy the freedom of a clean website without viruses.

No website, especially a business website, can live a successful online life without daily malware scanning. Hackers come in for fun to destroy websites with weak code, and corporate espionage will target any competitors that do not have appropriate online security. Don’t be another hacked website, don’t fall to this devastating online virus. Use a daily malware scanner, and keep those nasty germs away from your precious website.


Jacob Pettit
Marketing, GO8