How to use Joomscan to find the Joomla Vulnerability in Backtrack 5 Linux?

Joomscan is one of penetration testing tool that help to find the vulnerability in Joomla CMS.   The Updated version can detects 550 Vulnerabilities. Let me show how to use this joomscan in Backtrack5.

Download the Joomscan from here:

Step 1: Moving to PenTest folder

Copy/Move the downloaded files in directory


Step2: Set Permission

Now you have to set permission for the Joomscan file. In order to this, Type the following command in Terminal(if you don’t know how to open terminal at all, please stop reading this and start it from basics of Linux).

CHMOD 0777 
Step 3: Update

Update the scanner to latest version. To do this, enter the following command in Terminal:

./ update

Step 4: Scanning for Vulnerability

Now everything ok, we have to scan our joomla site for vulnerability. To do this, enter the following command in Terminal:

./ -u

Wait for a while, and it will list of the vulnerability found.

This tutorial is completely for Educational purpose only. This tutorial is for PenTester and Ethical Hackers .