Free Lab to practice Hacking , Penetration Testing provided by OWASP

Are you interested to learn the following things and test your Security Testing skills? OWASP launched it academy project. It is now available in

It provide a large set of Online Security Challenges. Increase your skill level with hands-on experience in the field of Network Security, Penetration Testing, Web Application Security, Unix Security, Windows Security, Reverse Engineering, Forensics and more.

How does it work?

  • Register a Hacking-Lab account
  • Join the OWASP TOP 10 classroom (register here)
  • Read the OWASP TOP 10 challenge description
  • Get the Hacking-Lab LiveCD ISO or VirtualBox appliance (or OpenVPN config ZIP)
  • Establish an OpenVPN connection into the Hacking-Lab’s vulnerable network
  • Solve the OWASP TOP 10 challenges (OpenVPN is required to access the vulnerable servers)
  • Submit your solution once you are done
  • OWASP GEC will then evaluate your submissions. You will receive points in case of success.
  • Start with the next challenge until you have fully completed the OWASP security challenges

You can find tutorials here:

This is what exactly i expect. Hope this well help to improve Our Penetration Testing Skills. Enjoy friends..! Use the opportunity to learn penetration Testing and try to get job in good company as a Pen Tester.