Enjoy the Best Free Web Hosting Service (PHP/ASP.NET/JSP Hostng)

Are you going to pay $4 or above for a month with s***ng hosting service or want to enjoy Best free hosting service? Yeah, i can hear your answer.  But finding the best free hosting may look hard.

one year back , i used to search for best free hosting.  I waste lot of time by registering in worst hosting sites(that hosting are waste even if you have paid account).  Thank god i found a best hosting service .

This is best fee hosting service, it is my personal experience.

What special in Heliohost?

  • Heliohost service is better than the Paid Hosting service
  • Always Free..! They won’t ask any money for upgrading or getting a feature.
  • Best Support team( i am also there ).
  • You will get all features like the paid one.
  • 500Mb space(it is enough to host a website and forum)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Support for CGI, SSI, FrontPage Extensions, Perl, Python, Ruby
  • Cpanel, Fantastico.
  • Unlimited addon domains.
  • POP3 Email, Spam Assassin.
  • Statistics, raw logs.
  • Cronjobs allowed.
  • Unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
  • Custom error pages.
  • SSL secure server.
  • Same as helionet.org.
  • Ruby on Rails.
  • Django (a Python Web framework).
  • ASP.NET 3.5 with VB.NET support is enabled again.
  • libgdiplus support.
  • MySQL Connector/NET (for PostgreSQL connections) with a DbProviderFactory hook.
  • Npgsql (for PostgreSQL connections) with a DbProviderFactory hook.
  • Uploading with WebDAV.
  • Offers dedicated IPs for custom SSL certificate installation.
  • They are only accepting 200 sign-ups per day
  • You have to login to hosting service once in a month(it is not big matter when they gave all feature for free).