5 Basic Mobile Security Tips to avoid Dangerous Application ,McAfee

Now a days, attackers targets smart phones rather than the Desktop.  The number of malware application for mobile is increasing.  Infected mobile can be used to steal confidential data or  send out expensive text messages without a user’s consent.

Some Top tricks used by attackers:

  • Malicious apps are usually offered for free and being disguised as fun applications such as games, calendar and comedy apps.
  • Download the legitimate application off of one marketplace, insert malware into it and then re-publish it on other marketplaces or sites with a similar name.

In order to stay away from these type of risky application, McAfee released 5 basic Mobile Security Tips.

  1. For the moment, the amount of detected smartphone malware is relatively low compared to malware that targets desktop or laptop PCs; but being aware that it exists is the first step toward protecting yourself and your data.
  2. Research apps and their publishers thoroughly and check the ratings – better to install apps that are broadly used in the market or are recommended by your circle of friends and colleagues.
  3. It is wise to purchase from a well-known, reputable app marketplace, such as Google’s Android Market or Apple’s App Store. One way for Android users to avoid installation of non-market applications is to de-select the “Unknown sources” option in the Applications Settings menu on their device. If the option is not listed, it means your mobile service provider has already done this for you.
  4. When you install an app, you’ll see a list of permissions for services that are granted access to the hardware and software components on your device, like contacts, camera and location. If something in the permissions screen doesn’t look right, don’t install that app! For example, a game or alarm clock app probably doesn’t need to access your contacts or have the ability to transmit that data from your device.
  5. Install antivirus software on your phone. It is a good idea to install an antivirus program when you get a new mobile device before you add any other apps.