Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH) 312-50-v7 Practice Test from Ucertify

Ethical Hacking Tutorials Blog is introducing a new feature called Certification Preparation Showcase to introduce blog readers to certification preparation education providers and their products. This independent review will highlight the features available in the offerings so that blog readers are aware of the vendors. This blog does not endorse or recommend any specific vendor. Certification candidates should use their best judgment before buying any products or services reviewed on this blog. EC-Council Advisor hopes that Certification Preparation Showcase will assist blog readers in the evaluation of certification related products or services.

The first product which is being reviewed in the Cert Prep Showcase is uCertify PrepKit from uCertify LLC. The company has been offering certification preparation study kits for more than a decade. The current portfolio covers certification study material for leading companies such Microsoft, EC-Council, Cisco, IBM and others.

The certification preparation material is available as a download with a list of 15 questions diagnostic test available for free. If you have bought the kit, a license key will reach your e-mail inbox to activate the complete features of the kit. The exam PrepKit consists of a Test Engine with multiple simulated tests. For review purposes, I had downloaded 312-50-v7 Certified Ethical hacker V7 kit. There are 5 full-length practice tests and 1 ‘Final Test’ to prepare oneself for the actual exams. One can also create a custom test and a fixed time test using the question bank in the test engine.

The test kit also provides nearly 300 flash cards, study notes and tips for taking the exam. The test kit covers all the sections mentioned in the exam content on the certification website. The test engine has been built to closely resemble the testing platform one would encounter for an actual exam. So preparing for a certification exam using the PrepKit will be a familiar experience on exam day. The best benefit of a Test PrepKit like this would be to use as a test simulation tool rather than a guide to learn concepts. There are several EC-Council Press and other publications available for reference guides.

EC-COUNCIL Advisor: Please tell us about your company. From when did you start offering EC-Council Certification prep kits?

Jon: uCertify is a leading training provider for the IT Certifications exams. For the past 15 years, uCertify has specialized in exam preparation solutions for all major certification exams, from vendors, such as Microsoft, EC-Council, Adobe, CompTIA, Cisco, EC Council and more. We are available 24 x 7 x 365. All uCertify PrepKits come with a 100% money back guarantee, which is the best in the business. Students pass in their first attempt using our prepkits, else we refund the cost of the prepkit. uCertify is committed to serving its customers with innovative, reliable, and high-quality products through constant research and development, keeping in mind the latest pattern of the various exams. We began offering our prepkits for EC-Council certifications back in 2003. Since then, we have continuously added to the EC-Council test prep suite keeping up with EC-Council’s certification offerings, including all Sun based prepkits.

EC-Council Advisor: When would you recommend a candidate to start using your prep kit?

Jon: We recommend that students begin using our prepkits as soon as possible. Our prepkits provides information about exam objectives, lots of study material and dozens of practice questions which not help reinforce concepts, but hones practice skills until they have achieved mastery of the subject.

EC-COUNCIL Advisor: Tell us how you develop the practice tests?

Jon: Our prepkits are crafted by industry experts from within uCertify, as well as from the field, They are typically certified professionals themselves, and are subject matter experts in the area of certification they are writing for. These professionals understand the problems that students face while preparing for their certification exams, and ensure that the prepkit material they author helps student pass their certification exam in their first attempts.

EC-COUNCIL Advisor: You advertise a very high success rate in certification exams (98% plus) for your customers. What makes that possible?

Jon: uCertify places a very high emphasis on content quality. Our content authors, be it in-house uCertify employees, or contracted IT professionals with relevant experience, are held to extremely high standards. In addition to stringent checklists and peer reviews, several prepkits are also reviewed by ProCertLabs, a company regarded by many certification vendors, as being very qualified to review a test prep provider’s work. Every piece of material in our prepkits is authored and reviewed via a strict checklist to ensure high quality standards.

EC-COUNCIL Advisor: What advise would you give to EC-Council certification candidates preparing for certification exams?

Jon: Practice, Practice, Practice! Invest in a high quality prepkit provider such as uCertify, and go through all study material, and take/retake the tests until they score 95% or higher in all the practice tests they take. Readers of EC-COUNCIL blog can use discount code: UCPREP when checking out and avail of a 10% discount.