Top 10 Google +plus Tips for Beginners-Google plus Tricks

Invited by Google + , what is the next step? Here is the list Top 10 google + tips for Beginners.

Google plus Tips 1: Style the Text
*(star) for bold a word. For Example: *Google*=Google
For Italic: _Google+=Google
For Strike: -Google-=Google

Google + Tips 2:Mute Annoying Posts

A post you commented on could quickly become popular and suddenly you find responses to it are spiraling out of control. Fear not, Google+ has a “Mute” function. To stop receiving updates from a post and remove it from your stream, click the arrow at the top of the post, then select “Mute this post.” To un-mute it, follow the same steps and select “Undo mute.”

Google + Shortcuts:
press j for  scroll down
k=Scroll up
Q=Jump to Chat Feature
space=Scroll down your stream
Shift+space=Scroll up your stream

Google Plus Tricks 4: URL shortner

Google yet doesn’t provide your own choice url(username).  Bute here is the Service that shorten the google + for you.

 Visit the above site and enter your id code that you found in your google+ profile. It will give your choice url(username).

Google Plus 5: Post sharing verification
Sometimes it’s easy to forget who you’ve put into which Circles. If you ever have doubts when posting an update or sharing a link on Google+, click on the “Limited” link at the top. You’ll see photo icons for each of the people who will be able to view and share your post with their connections

Tricks 6:Tag Someone in your post
 Facebook uses the “@” symbol followed by someone’s name to tag a person in a status update. To tag a person in an update on Google+, type the “+” symbol, followed by their username. As you type, Google+ will autofill possible options.

7:Share From your Gmail

When you are in Gmail , you are able to see the share button at the top of page.
You can share posts from Gmail itself. Looks cool..!!!

8:Turn off Google plus Notifications
You have lot of friends in circle. At the time, whenever they do +1 , you will get Email Notifications. You can Disable Notifications.Visit your Google+ settings page, found by selecting the gear icon in the top right of your Google+ page, then choosing “Google+ settings.”

9:Share with Simple Drag and drop from desktop
Share videos and images by simple drag and drop options.

Google + Trick 10:Control Circle Privacy
Under your Google + profile picture , there is the infor about people who are in your circle and who have you in their circles.

This is visible to all of your circles and any one on Google plus web. So Google plus also give you to edit you circles information to be viewed within your circles or everyone.

Just click on “Edit Profile” button and mouse hover on your circles below your profile picture. and click. From here, you can choose whether or not you want others to see who you have in your Circles and who has put you in their’s. Just control you privacy here by checking your preferred option and save.

Google plus +1 button:

Google plus +1 is similar to facebook like button.  It will share the post in google plus.

What’s next? start to enjoy the service of Google +