ProRat ~Best and Free Remote Administration Tools~Backdoor Trojan Horse

Prorat is one of the Remote Administration Tool[RAT].  If you don’t know what is Remote Administration Tool, please read this article: What is RAT?

ProRat is maded by PRO Group and free to use for everyone.  The Latest version is  ProRat_v1.9_Fix2.


  • Full control over files
  •  Drive formatting
  • Key Logging and Screenshots
  • Stealing passwords
  • Open/close CD tray
  • Hide taskbar, desktop, and start button
  • Writing on-screen
  • Movement of cursor
  • View system information
  • Access webcam
  • Download & run files

Infection Method:
ProRat creates a server(undetected by antivirus and firewall software).  This server is able to run stealthily in the background. After server is created, it will be send to victim. Once the server is started to run in victim system, it wil bring the control to the Attacker.  The software runs completely (including rootkit) in Windows, and such features include killing security software, removing and disabling system restore points, and displaying a fake error message to mislead the victims. 


ProGroup produced some of their programs to all users (Public Edition) and some of their programs are produced for special users (Special Edition). You can download programs which are Public Edition from their download page for free. To use theirSpecial Edition programs you must buy the product and be their registered user

Download ProRat From Here: