How to Use Premium Cookies?edit cookies in any websites

In my last post i have explain how to hack the hotfile cookies and download like a premium account user(this article is example of cookie editing).  Here is the general tutorial to add or edit premium cookies. 


  • Web Developer Add on

Step 1: Install Web Developer Add on
Install the Web developer add on.  Using this add on we are going to edit the cookies

Restart the browser. now you can see the web developer toolbar. It consist of Disbale, cookies,css,forms….etc.

Step 2: Visit website
Visit the appropriate website corresponding to your premium cookies.

 Step 3:
Now click the Cookies option in the Web developer tool bar. and select View Cookies information.  It will show list of cookies.

For adding cookies click the “Add the cookie” in the toolbar instead. then skip to the step 6.

Step 4: Find the cookie
 Find the cookie that you want to edit.  Some website store login cookie as “auth” cookie.  So find the auth cookie.

Step 5: Edit the cookie
click the edit the cookie link.
this will popup the cookie window

Step 6:

paste the premium cookies in the value field

If you are adding cookies manually, cookie name will be blank. So you have to set the correct cookie name also. usually it will be “auth”