How to install Backtrack 5 R1 on Pendrive with Persistent Memory -BackTrack Linux Tutorials

Let me explain you how to install backtrack linux(pentertation testing distribution) on Pendrive/Flash drive persistent Memory(to store changes). Without persistent memory, you can not install new software or copy files in your backtrack.  

Download Backtrack 5 R1(Latest Version) From here:

Backtrack Linux Download

Download Universal USB Installer from here:

Universal USB Installer

8GB USB Pen Drive (atleast 4GB pen drive, in 4gb you can create less amount of persistent memory only).

Step 1:Run Universal Usb Installer
You can run universal usb installer by double clicking it(no need of installation).
 Select Backtrack 5 or Backtrack 5 R1(it is included in latest version) or select your backtrack version.

Step 2: Select the Backtrack ISO Image
Now click the browse button and select the Backtrack ISO image.

Step 3: Select USB Drive
Now select the USB Drive(Pen Drive) Letter. Becareful while selecting the Drive Letter.  Check whether it is correct letter for your pen drive. If you mistaken in selecting the drive, it will format other drive.  

Step 4: Persistent Memory
check the  We will format x: Drive as FAT 32 option.
Set a persistent memory based on your requirement.  i set 2GB .

Step 5: Start Install
Click the Create button.  It will prompt with “ready to perform following action….”.  Verify once again whether you choose correct drive.  Then click the Yes  button.

Step 6: What’s next?
After completion of installation , restart the windows. 
Press F10 of F12(it may vary for you) to select Boot Drive.
Select your Pen Drive as boot drive.
Now backtrack start to boot.
After booting is completed, you will see the command line Interface with “root@root:”.
Enter “startx” to get into GUI interface.
Enjoy the Security Distribution..!!!