Hacking Facebook passwords-Facebook Bruteforcer softwares[for n00b]

Are you searching for Facebook or gmail Hacking Software?  if your answer is yes,  you come to the right place.

You may read  somewhere else as “use this hacking software to hack facebook accounts”. And some hacking blogs has some post like this with procedure:

Download this software
Run the application.
Enter your email id and password
Enter your victim email id.
That’s all your friend account is hacked.

 Some hacking bloggers also mentioned Bruteforcer for Facebook.  if you enter the email id, it will hack the email.

First of all , let me ask one question ” Do you think facebook is f****ng stupids?”  .  Do you think it is possible to hack any accounts within a minute using these kind of softwares?(Innocence).

The truth is that you are being hacked.  You realized that?
Don’t be a n00b, think like a Security Expert.
Then what is Facebook Hacking softwares?

There is no Such software that will hack Facebook accounts , if you give email id simply.  They are fake softwares

n00b: Hey BreakTheSec, i saw Facebook hacking software article in top hackers sites.  Do you think you are better than them? 
BreakTheSec: No , i am not better than them.  Because I am publishing the truth behind the Facebook Hacking Software!  You still believe those software? then try it yourself.  I am not going to stop you.

What is the Aim of these Kind of Hacking Facebook password softwares?
This kind of fake softwares are created by Hackers to trick n00b hackers.  If the n00b download and run the application, it may launch some malicious programs (spyware,trojans,..).   

Trojans leads to dead of your computer.  But most of hackers won’t do this stupid thing.  They use spyware to steal your confidential data instead.

n00b: BreakTheSec. you are right, my system is infected by some kind of spyware.
BreakTheSec: that’s what i said.
 n00b: but  how hackers hack Facebook account passwords?
BreakTheSec: There are some other ways to hack the Facebook passwords. Let me explain what they are.

Method 1:Phishing Webpage
Phishing webpage is traditional way of hacking accounts.  Old is Gold!!  Learn about Phishing webpage here: How to Hack Facebook Passwords?

Method 2: Keyloggers
Keylogger is spyware that will capture each key strokes in keyboard.  So , if the victim type the id and passwords, it will be captured and mailed to you.
Know about

Are you still searching for Facebook password Hacking Software?!!