What is Doxing? Trace Peoples with Doxing

 Day 1:
John: Hey my account security question is so strong.  No can find it. It is hard to guess it.

BreakTheSec: Nice to hear.

Day 2:
John: BreakTheSec , some one hacked my ID !
BreakTheSec: Don’t worry John that someone is me.

John: How did you do that?
BreakTheSec: Using Doxing brother.

John: Doxing  is special software?
BreakTheSec: No brother it is one of method to trace the information about particular peoples.

John: How did you do that?
BreakTheSec simple , you left your confidential data(answer for security question) in your social network account.   I searched in google with your name and details.  After lot of searching , finally I find the answer for your security question.

John: I thought no one can guess my security question.  But now only I come to know , I left this info in some social network.

BreakTheSec: Not only you brother.  All peoples in internet doing like this.  They think it is hard to trace their info. But they didn’t know about Doxing Method.

John: Ok BreakTheSec! can you please give my account back.
BreakTheSec: Sure.

John: BreakTheSec! Can you please explain me more about Doxing ?
BreakTheSec: Here is the complete tutorial: Doxing Complete Tutorial