Squert released new versione SQueRT 0.9.0

Squert is a web application that is used to query and view event data stored in a Sguil database (typically IDS alert data). Squert is a visual tool that attempts to provide additional context to events through the use of metadata, time series representations and weighted and logically grouped result sets. The hope is that these views will prompt questions that otherwise may not have been asked.

Keep in mind that Squert is not a replacement for the Sguil client; it is also not intended to be a real-time (or near real-time) event console.


* PHP5 with CLI
o pecl-stats
o mysql
o GD
* TCL, TclX
o mysqltcl
o uri
o ftp
o ftp::geturl
o md5
* MySQL client
* Graphviz (with PNG)
* Perl Text::CSV

How to install?


Screen shots here:


source: http://www.squertproject.org/