Remote accessing software-Tonido (cloud computing)

Let us the assume this situation: You far from your pc, you want some data files urgently that is in your pc. What will you do? You have to go home and bring it, it may take too much time.

This can fixed by uploading all files in some private hosting service. So you can access it from whenever you want. But sometime giving our files to third party hosting service may not be secure.

If you concerned with privacy of your confidential data, then Tonido software will help you.

what isTonido?-Home Server

Tonido is remote accessing(cloud computing) software.
It will make your pc as storage server and host for application like webhosting servers. Using this software, you can host/store your files in your pc itself and access from anywhere(No need to upload to any third party hosting). So no need to worry about privacy of data.


  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Tonido does not need continuous internet connection. If internet connection is not established, you can still use Tonido in local system. After connection established, Tonido will start to synchronize.
  • provides an excellent platform for deploying a secure and easy-to-use collaboration and sharing peer-to-peer environment
  • share your network with friends and colleagues
  • Tonido keep tracking your IP address to make your remote logins easier. So you can use it in dynamic ip address infernet connection also.
  • It can be accessed from usual browser like Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Apple safari.
  • why not? It can be accessed from android,blackberry,iPhone and windows phone
  • support platforms like windows, Mac OS, Linux distributions
  • The default software include following applications.
    • webshare for file sharing.
    • jukebox online music player.
    • you can use your url as openID
    • webspace -collaboration software
  • stream videos, music and publish in blogs
  • access your computer using web address like

get Tonido from here screenshots