How to Bypassing Wi Fi HotSpot Access Control By Session Stealing-Wireless hack

If you are a paid wi fi network user, You will pay per hour for Internet usage. But you can use the Wireless Internet for Free of cost. This is illegal method, I just posting for educational purpose only.

A hotspot is a site that offers Internet access over a wireless local area network through the use of a router connected to a link to an Internet service provider. Hotspots typically use Wi-Fi technology.

Hotspots may be found in coffee shops and various other public establishments throughout much of the developed world.

Yes you can use wireless Internet for free but how? Using Session Stealing, you can bypass the Wi-Fi Hotspot Access control(Wi Fi hotspot access controller is used to control the Internet usage – time available to customer and bandwidth speed and quota.).

Usually the Wirless network provides pay per usage service. Users have to Pay based on their Internet Usage. Whenever User is connected to wireless network, a unique Identifier(known as Session) is generated for the client. Based on that session ID, the internet usage will be calculated.

Black Hat hackers Steal the session and they use the wireless internet for free. The victim(client) have to pay for that.

Read more about session here:What is session?

How they are hacking?
We have to spoof our MAC address . I mean we have to create fake MAC address that will look like the network that we are going to hack.

You can do this using Backtrack(Security Distribution) and aircrack(one of ubuntu software for hackers).

Let me explain in next article how to use those software for bypassing the WI-FI Access Control.