cyber cafe security [Guest Post]

Now days people are always talking about system security even our government
also amend many cyber laws but can we say that everything is safe does we know

everything about our security.

According to me “NO” usually we are not aware that we left behind us our Important Information.  if someone want to use them theycan harm us badly.

There is number of tools are avaialable such as “handicafe firewall” and ” Key logger ” which creates logs and crack passwards of all user.  To check its authenticity, i went to 25 cyber of gwalior where these type
of security systems are available and according to cyber law they have to
submit hardcopy as well soft copy in every 6 month to the nearest police
station but rarely they following it .

For the cyber security, our government provides a CLINCK software but it doesn’t work properly. A naive user can also misuse this software with a simple manupulation anybody can enhance the timeperiod of this software which provide the timely accesibility to the Internet, this software only helps cyber to calculate the time duration of internet access by the user.

 “Don’t be only a internet user become a safe user”

Submitted By
Nikhalesh Singh |Certified Ethical Hacker