APKinspector: Static Analyser of Android Malware

What is APKinspector?

is an android Security Software. This tool is for analysing the Android malware samples manually. They use PyQT as the framework of the prototype for the APKinspector. Because PyQT provides a complete interface to QT applications and python can interact with androguard easily.


  • Graph-based UI displaying control flow of the code.
  • Links from graph view to source view.
  • Function/Object – > Method list and filter.
  • Strings list and Filter.
  • Flow in/out from a given point.
  • Function and variable renaming. Additional features are:
  • Syntax highlighting.
  • Find the UI Dialog before trigger the suspicious API.

They released alpha version, this consist of the following features:

  • Show the CFG (control flow graph) for a given method
  • Show the smali codes for a given method.
  • Show the Java codes for a given java file.
  • Show the betecodes for a given method.
  • Show all strings, methods and classes.
  • Show the APK’s related information.
  • Drag and zoom in/out the CFG.

They released it as open source software.  You  can find more details in their official website: