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Blackbuntu is one of new linux distribution available for security professionals. This blackbuntu is developed based on backtrack and ubuntu 10.10.

  • Gnome desktop environment
  • It will be used for penetration testing like backtrack.

Project Founder: c1ph3r  < c1ph3r {at} blackbuntu . com >
x-c0d3  < x-c0d3 {at} blackbuntu. com >
Gravedigger < grave {at} blackbuntu.com>
b0x  < z1d {at} blackbuntu . com>
mayaseven < mayaseven {at} blackbuntu.com>
salary < salary {at} blackbuntu.com>noes1s < blaksark {at} gmail.com>
Dan < dan.blackbuntu {at} gmail.com>
alexploiter < alexploiter {at} live.com>
Bruno Criado < dropped {at} 0thsecurity.net.br >
Kolton Kuhns < kolton.kuhns {at}gmail.com>AKI2D < admin {at} virusthailab.com>

looks like backtrack xerox. If they develop anything better, it will be useful.