How to Use the Password Cracker 1.1 to crack hash?

Thanks for supporting Break the security.  I have released my own Hash Code Cracker Software two days back.  Read the Following Articles:
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Hope , you know about Password Cracker 1.1 now.  Let us see how to use this tool to crack the Hashes.

Run the Application.

Step 1:
Select Input case type.  There are 3 types.

  • Default (as it is in the dictionary file)
  • Upper case (change the dictionary file input to upper case)
  • Lower case 

 Select Other type. Here also 3 types.
Reverse Input:
    Reverse the dictionary file input.  For example , let us assume the dictionary file contains the following inputs: pass,iloveyou. if you choose reverse input , it will reverse like this : “ssap”,”uoyevoli”.
   Just double the input. “passpass”
Numbers at the End:
  Add numbers from 0 to 99.  Example pass0,pass1,pass2….pass99.

Step 2:
Paste the Hash code.

Step 3:
Select the Hash method (MD5,MD4,SHA-1,SHA-128,SHA-256,SHA-512).

Step 4:
Select Dictionary File.

and click the “Crack the Hash ” button. wait for a minutes.  it will return you the password.  if the hash is not cracked, then try to change the “other type” and “Case type”.