How to use Realtime-spy for hacking remote system?

In my last post , i introduced realtime-spy. Now in this post, i will explain how to use the Realtime-spy for hacking.

After you got your copy of this software, proceed with this steps.

Step 1: Installing realtime-spy guide
I hope you know how to install the softwares.  Install the realtime-spy in your system. 

Step 2: Configure Window
Run the application, it will ask username and password.  Fill the username and password.  Set “Don’t alert user realtime-spy is running” and set how you often you want to clear logs data. Click the next button when you fill all options

Step 3:set Logging Options and create spyware
Configure as your wish now.  you can log all info also.  Set time cap of logging.  Now click the Create Button.
Save the file in local disk.  This keylogger file will be around 110 kb.

Step 4:Send the keylogger to target 
Login to your mail account or Microsoft outlook.
Click attach and upload the created keylogger file.
send the mail to target.  Once the target open the exe file , it will be start to log data.

Step 5: Viewing Log details
you can login to your account with username and password here:
There you can see the logged data.


Enjoy the hacking world..!!